How to Find the Best Interior Designer

Potential client interviews Interior Designer on her couch

With a new year, people often consider making big changes in their home.

Have you been thinking about hiring an Interior Designer, but don't know where to start?

Hiring an Interior Designer can be a big commitment and a little intimidating!  If you’ve never worked with an Interior Designer before, or don't think you can afford one, don’t worry!  Take a deep breath, because I’m here to help guide you through the process.

Consider Taking It Slow

Inviting a stranger to your home to decide if you want to pay them to pick out furniture is a little like taking your blind date to a jewelry store to look at rings.  Whoa, slow down!  My process is to have a Discovery Call with potential clients first.  I only take on so many clients at a given time and I want to be sure it would be a good fit.  It also gives me the opportunity to explain how I work and answer any questions they may have.  Take the time to interview potential Interior Designers!

Consider the Differences

Not all Interior Designers are created equal.  Some Designers charge by the hour, while others have a flat rate or charge a percentage on the overall cost of the project.  Finding a Designer who has a similar style to your own definitely helps, but isn't required.  We are designing for you and your wants and needs!  It's more important whether or not they're a good fit and you feel comfortable working with them.  

Consider What You Like

You may not know the name of your style, but most people know what they like when they see it!  Look for inspiration in magazines or online sources, such as Pinterest and Houzz.  Working with an Interior Designer is a collaborative effort and the more visual information they can get on your likes and dislikes, the smoother the process!

Consider What You Need

Sure, it would be nice to be able to furnish an entire home in one fell swoop, but most of us don’t have that kind of expendable income.  It’s not uncommon for clients to complete their project in phases over several months, or even years.  Write out all your "wants", but prioritize in order of your "needs."  If you find yourself having a hard time with this, an Interior Designer can assist with this process. 

Consider a Timeline

Be aware that to design and decorate one room can take at least 30 days, but usually longer!  If you’re hoping to have a design project completed by a certain event, or if you’re in no rush at all, communicate this to the Designer so you’re on the same page.  This ensures your expectations are in alignment with reality! 

Consider Your Investment

Budget sounds like such a limiting word, and hiring an Interior Designer is an investment.  Time = Money.  We save you time AND money by sourcing the products for you.  Think of it as one-stop shopping!  We are also experts in quality and trends, so the perfect couch we help you find isn’t going to fall apart or go out of style in a few years.  Your Return On Investment (ROI) is the confidence that you'll love this couch and it will be the last couch you will have to purchase for a long time!        

I hope this helped alleviate any hesitations you had over talking with an Interior Designer.  Please feel free to comment with any questions below!

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