The Top 10 Interior Design Trends You Need to Know for 2021

There are some homes you walk into and know the decade they were last updated or built.  To prevent your home from looking outdated, here are some trends you need to know about.

Fads vs. Trends

But first, a word about the difference between trends and fads.  Fads are big, loud statements we get tired of, and only last a couple years.  Trends are more unstated and classic, so they usually last 5-10 years. 

Each decade has their own style!  For example, the 70s had avocado green appliances and shag carpet.  Everything was floral and pastel in the 80s.  The 90s brought us blonde wood cabinets and sponge painting.  Great Rooms and Builder Beige was popular in the 2000s.  2010 brought us out of the brown and into the gray, and Farmhouse became a popular style. 

Now that we’re in a new decade, there are new trends.  And as you’ll see, a lot of these trends were inspired by Covid-19!

#1 Outdoor Living Spaces

After being cooped up all day inside with your family, this one is no surprise!  People are wanting to get OUT of their homes and enjoy nature.  To give the outdoors a cozy feel, outdoor textiles are a must because they are more durable.  Outdoor rugs, furniture with cushions, pillow, and even curtains.  To stay warm in the colder months, add a fire pit and/or portable heater.  And my favorite outdoor accessory is lights! 

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#2 She Sheds and ADUs

These were already starting to get popular before the pandemic.  Now because of quarantine, they have become necessary!  I love my kids, but for my health and theirs, I need my own space.  I don’t have one myself, but I can imagine the sereneness and quiet away from bickering and household chores.  If I did have one, and it had a bathroom, I would live in it. 

Which brings me to ADUs.  These Accessory Dwelling Units are perfect for elderly family members.  I love that we’re getting back to multi-generational dwelling!  ADUs would also be perfect to rent out for extra income.    

HGTV 16 Best She Shed Ideas

 #3 “Cloffices”

No, I did not invent this word.  It’s a closet turned into an office space!  When you work from home, it is critical to have a designated office space.  Especially when you have kids doing online school!  The first thing a designated office does is eliminate distractions.  Raise your hand if your kid and/or pet has photobombed during a Zoom call!  The other thing it does is establish business hours and the mentality that you’re at work.  For the short time I was working on my couch, I was distracted by non-work related chores.  You can read more about making an efficient and productive workspace at home here.  

 Nesting with Grace

#4 Multi-Prong Kitchens

Remember when the appliances in an ideal kitchen were in a triangle?  Or, if you’re like me and have galley kitchen, a straight line?  This used to be the most efficient use of space.  Now we have multi-prongs so there can be more than one person in the kitchen without getting in each other’s way.  There’s an area for coffee and/or wine.  There’s also a prep sink, or a facet over the stove. 

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#5 Distant Shores Trend

Can’t travel or vacation because of Covid-19?  Now people are bringing the tropics to their home! 

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

 #6 Japandi

This style has become very popular on Pinterest!  It’s a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles.  It’s very minimal with neutrals and clean lines (think Ikea). 


#7 Sanctuary Spaces

Everyone needs a space in their home dedicated to rest and relaxation!  Bedrooms are the perfect space for this.  In the rest of your home, I like to incorporate function into my design.  But the only function for the bedroom should be for recharging (and, you know…).  So if you only upgrade one room in your home, a Sanctuary Space should be at the top of your list!

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#8 Bar Spaces

This is definitely another trend inspired by Covid.  I know I’m not the only one who’s alcohol consumption has gone up!  One of my summer projects was to turn a free writing desk into a Bar Station.  

#9 Mudrooms

I love that this is a trend!  In the past, mudrooms (or utility rooms) were just about function.  Now people want them to look beautiful too!  Who wants to walk into their home with shoes scattered on the floor?  Tailored Living of Vancouver WA is a great company to design your mudroom (among other things!). 

This Old House Mudroom Storage Ideas

#10 Live Plants

I saved the best for last because I am obsessed with live plants!  I don’t think a room is complete without plants.  Having live greenery adds to the warmth and coziness of a room.  They just make me happy!  I also don’t believe you have to have a “green thumb” to have house plants.  Start with some fool proof options to build up your confidence.  Some easy plants are pothos, peace lily and spider plants.  Get expert advice from a nursery.  You can also check out this amazing plant design & shop, Daphne’s Botanicals.  

How to Choose and Care for Houseplants 

As an Interior Designer I have to keep up on the latest trends! 

Comment below which trend was your favorite! 

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