The Most Creative Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

wire shelves in pantry
My house was built in 1911 and only has 888 sqft of finished space. Each of the two bedrooms has a tiny closet. Other than that though, I have no storage space! By thinking outside the box, or closet, if you will, I have created solutions you can implement in your own space.

Coat Closet Solutions

Luckily, I have an unfinished basement. So I have this clothes rack from IKEA for storing coats/jackets that are not in season. 
When they are being used on a regular basis, I have this over-the-door hooks. These solutions keep the coats out of sight, while still easily accessible.
 Here are some other solutions for lack of a coat closet:
industrial coat rack shoe bench

Pantry Solutions

I have a small galley kitchen with no pantry. But right off the kitchen is my utility room with this shelf and clip-on baskets from IKEA. I’m able to store appliances and food. There is easy access from the kitchen, and I can see from a glance items I should add to my grocery list.
wire pantry shelves
If you don’t have a utility room, or it doesn’t have adequate space, consider a standing cabinet in the hallway. Or you can put a wire shelf in the dining room with small appliances, pots and pans. The space left from these items can become your new pantry.
wire shelves in dining room
Or try installing cabinets above the washer and dryer. You can find inexpensive cabinets (and other goodies!) at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Bedroom Closet Solutions

Our bedrooms have closets, but they are tiny! My boys store their laundry basket, shoes and coats in their closets, so there isn’t much room left. For in season clothes, they have a dresser. Out-of-season clothes are in these zipper bags (breathable) in wire baskets with wheels. They are easy to exchange with each new season.
bedroom closet with laundry basket and shoe storage
 under bed clothes storage

Linen Closet Solutions

In the hallway outside the bathroom, I have this standing cabinet. It has clean towels, first aid supplies, toilet paper, and extra bathroom products. I am able to store some things under the sink in the bathroom. But if you have a pedestal sink, you may want to consider an over-the-toilet cabinet or shelves.
standing cabinet
 standing cabinet with linen and bathroom supplies
over toilet shelves

Miscellaneous Storage Solutions

I use this refurbished dresser as a buffet table. I store Christmas dishes, disposable dinnerware, and other items I don’t often use.
buffet table
Christmas supplies in drawer
buffet table drawer
I posted about repurposing this old writing desk in a previous blog. This freed up an entire cabinet in the kitchen.
bar station
I repurposed this old dresser into a TV stand.  The two drawers used to be full of DVDs.  I created extra space by putting the DVDs in a case.  Now I have twice the storage for other things, like drink coasters and TV remotes!
TV stand
Put shelves in the basement and/or garage.  It's not pretty, but it's in the basement!
basement utility shelves
Put seasonal items in large rubber bins.  These can be stacked and placed out of sight.
plastic storage bins
The main thing I do to help with storage space is regularly evaluate items. We all accumulate things every day, sometimes without noticing. But rarely do we get rid of things. I go through all my storage areas once or twice a year, and get rid of the things I haven’t used in the last 6-12 months.
Toss – broken items or expired foods
Donategently used items
Sell – “like new” items with a sale value of $50 or more. Donate anything less than that because it’s not worth your time.
Emily Powers, Interior Designer at Three-Sixty Interiors
Even if you live in a small space, it doesn’t have to look cluttered. Here are things to consider when evaluating storage solutions:
· Furniture such as dressers, wardrobes, and standing cabinets make great storage.
· Open Shelving can be a good solution, as long as items are organized.
· Storage Bins can be stacked and stored out-of-sight.
· Baskets can hold small items and make great décor!
· Over-the-Door Hooks can organize and store cleaning supplies, clothes, and shoes.
Please comment below! I would love to hear about any storage problems or solutions you've encountered.
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