The Best Way to Style a Bookcase

Here are some quick and easy tips on How to Style Your Bookcase like a Professional Home Stager!

1. Grouping Books

Group books into small sections by color, then stack both vertically and horizontally.

*Now is a great opportunity to organize your book collection!  Go through all your books and only keep your favorites and books you've been wanting to read as soon as you have free time (ha, ha!) and donate the rest.  I'm sure your local library, school or church will be grateful.

2. Add Some Greenery

Greenery adds aesthetic and texture.  If you're not confident in your green-thumb, there are some quality faux plants nowadays!  

3. Decorative Objects

Add a few decorative objects, but don't overdo it!  One to three objects per shelf or section is plenty.  

4. Bulk on Bottom

Adding boxes or baskets to store small items, such as magazines, is a great idea!  If you do so, however, put them on the bottom so the bookshelf is not top-heavy.

For more decorating tips, follow three-sixty interiors on Pinterest.

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