How to Print and Frame Your Photos

As an Interior Designer, people ask me all the time how to frame and hang their photos!  So I thought I would get some help from an expert, Ashlie Behm with Ashlie Behm Photography

Ashlie is a portrait photographer specializing in Maternity, Newborn, & Family Photography.  She took some beautiful photos of me and my boys, which are hanging up in my Living Room.  The whole experience was amazing, from the photoshoot to the reveal session where we got to choose our favorite prints! 

She's a cat mom to two beautiful Siberian retired show cats!  When she's not behind the camera, you’ll most often find her with her head in a book and a cat on her lap.  Tending to her garden, buying new houseplants, or off on an outdoor adventure with her hubby are just a few of her favorite pastimes!  She also just started getting into Macrame and is in the process of making some cute plant hangers to help with her houseplant addiction!  

From Ashlie:

So, you just got your digital images back from your photographer and you are obsessed with all of the photos you got. But now what….? You know you want to hang a few of them in your home so you can see your family’s sweet faces every day. But where do you start? There are so many options for framing your photographs it is overwhelming. I'm here to simplify the process! 

The most important thing is that you get a few of your favorite images of your beautiful family off your computer screen and living in your home. Trust me, your family photo wall will bring a smile to your face every time you walk by! Here's how you overcome the overwhelm of framing and hanging your family photos:  

Step 1: Select a location

Find a wall in your home that you walk by every day. Your photos will bring you joy, even on rough days. This might be in your bedroom, living room, a hallway or your entryway. Look for a wall that will fit more than one framed photograph of your family. This way you can create a beautiful eye-capturing gallery wall.

Step 2: Select images and sizes

Measure your wall and decide how many images you want to frame and hang. My favorite gallery walls contain three to five images (see examples below). This allows for one central focal point and one or two smaller photos on either side of it. I recommend making your main image large enough to see from far away. Depending on the size of your wall 24x20 or 20x30 are great sizes for a central image. This photograph should be your absolute favorite. Since it will be the largest you’ll want to love the feeling it brings you when you look at it every day. Your smaller accompanying images should be sized at either 16x20 or 11x14 and hung on either side of your main focal point image.

Step 3: Print quality photos

You want to be sure to print your photos from a high quality professional print lab to ensure accuracy of color and quality of photo. Professional printing is archival quality meaning that the inks are made to last so the colors in your photo won’t fade over time. I recommend using MPIX. They are the “sister” lab of Miller’s, a professional print lab used by many professional photographers.

Step 4: Frame to match your style

Look around at your home decor in the room your photos will be in and decide which color and style of frame will best match your style. The key is to find frames that have good depth and protect your photo with glass (not plastic). You could have all of your frames be the same style or you could have them all be a little different. I recommend talking to a local framer to help you with this part. They will be able to give you good direction with what kind of frames will work well for your images. And they can do all of the framing for you! A few of my favorite frame shops in the Portland area are: I’ve Been Framed, Portland Creative Framing, and Luke's Frame Shop

Step 5: Hang and enjoy!

Once your images are ready then you get to hang them up on the wall! Measure your wall to find the center. Decide how high up you want your photo on the wall. A good rule of thumb is to hang your framed photograph so that its midpoint is between 57 and 60 inches from the floor. This is where your main focal point image will hang. Next decide how far you want your other images to be from your main image. I typically recommend spacing them two to four inches apart. Measure that distance plus half of the length of the next frame, to determine where your next nail goes. Then repeat on the other side. Check out this video on how to easily hang up your photos using a fork! 

Once your photos are all up, take a step back and soak up the beauty of your family. Get ready for a huge grin to spread across your face every day when you walk by your new gallery wall! See below for some inspiration. Leave any questions you have below and I’ll be sure to answer them for you. 

You can learn more about me and check out my work at: and follow along with me on Instagram, where I hang out a lot!

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