How to Create Entryways That Are Welcoming

Songbird Homes Entryway

Entryways are a part of the home that can be overlooked in Interior Design.  But it’s important to have that feeling of “welcome!” – whether it’s visitors, or you coming home after a long day of work.  Here are  some simple ideas to warm up your entryway, with pieces you may already own.

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One of the first things I take into consideration when designing a room is light.  Of course, natural light is the best.  But if there are little to no windows in this area, I turn to lighting.  Overhead lighting is important to have, but it can feel harsh and intimidating – like you have a spotlight on you when you walk through the door!  Chandeliers can make a great statement piece.  Here are some of my current favorites:

I highly recommend having a table lamp in the entryway.  The soft light is warm and inviting.  I have a light switch next to my door for the outlet the lamp is plugged in to.  But if you don’t have that, you can always put the lamp on a timer.  Or install a smart bulb that you can turn on/off with your smart phone.


It’s also important to have two entryway mats – one outside the door, so people can wipe their feet.  And another inside the door.  This is where they can take their shoes off (if you are a No Shoes home).  And if this is the case, a runner is nice to walk on so your socked feet don’t get cold. 

Console Table

Console tables are inviting because it's a place set things when you arrive - keys, wallet, mail, etc.  And it warms up the entryway with a lamp and some fun decor.  I like these options because you can store small ottomans or baskets for shoes underneath:


If you require shoes off when people come over, it’s also nice to provide a place for them to sit to take them off and put them on.  If your entryway is large enough, you can have a comfy bench.  But for the smaller spaces, you can use a couple small ottomans or poufs.

Ottomans and Poufs


A mirror is a nice touch in an entryway.  You can check your appearance on your way out.  And it brightens up the space by bouncing light from the lamp.


Putting It All Together

When putting the finishing touches on your entryway, don't forget the accents!  Greenery is always a great addition to make a space more homey.  Stack some books, prop some artwork and add small decor, such as candles, vases, bowls, etc.  When adding decor, be sure to place items by themselves or groups of 3s.

Entryway Decor

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