How to Choose Window Treatments for Your Home

My first Guest Blog is brought to you by my friend, Julianne Sixel, with Gotcha Covered of West Portland.  I don't hesitate recommending her for all my clients' window treatment needs.  She can assist anyone in the Portland metro area, and has some great information for locals and non-locals alike!

From Julianne:

Do you have a new home with bare windows?  Or perhaps you have an existing home with old, broken, or ugly blinds. How do you choose new window coverings for your home? Here are five things to consider so that your new window treatments function beautifully and look fabulous.

Light Control

How much light is the right amount? Window treatments are made to control the amount of sunlight allowed in, but they differ in the ways they perform that task. Take into account how much sunlight you want to allow in versus the need to block out harsh rays and glare to determine what types of treatments to consider for your space. In bedrooms and media rooms, often the goal is to block as much light as possible. For these rooms, room darkening or blackout options are ideal. Light filtering, or semi-opaque options tend to lend themselves well to living and work spaces. Sometimes it’s about letting as much light in as possible while softening the harshness of the sun’s rays, in which case sheer window treatments are the perfect choice.

Energy Efficiency

Along with allowing sunlight in, windows are one of the primary sources of letting heat in and out of your home. It is important to keep your home a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Your location, the direction of your windows, and how many windows you have in each room determine the amount of energy lost from your windows. While having something covering your windows is better than nothing when it comes to energy efficiency, some window treatments do a better job of providing additional insulation. Cellular shades, shutters, and lined draperies are excellent options to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Other options, such as solar shades, can also work well for energy efficiency, especially if you want to keep it cooler by blocking the sun, but not necessarily keep it warmer in the winter.


Nearby neighbors or open space around your home can create a vantage point to see into your home. Sometimes a large amount of big windows is enough for you to want window treatments to protect against any unwanted attention. Many options are available to achieve privacy. Depending on your situation, window treatments that open at the top of the window while providing privacy on the bottom of the window might be just the right solution to balance your need for privacy with your desire to look out the window and let the natural light shine in. 


Everyone loves a beautiful view. If your windows look out over a stunning landscape, you want window treatments that frame and enhance your view. On the other hand, if your windows look out over something less visually appealing, you may want window treatments that block or camouflage those unsightly obstacles.


How do you want to feel when you walk into your room? Windows often take up a lot of wall space, and your window treatments are an opportunity to reflect your personal style and the mood of your space. They can also enhance and complement the decor through color, texture, and patterns. Window treatments are meant to embellish and beautify your space while providing the needed functions.

When you take these five factors into consideration, you can narrow down the wide range of options and focus on the window treatments that satisfy your needs as well as your sense of style. Remember- function before form! If your window treatments do what you need them to, they’ll enhance your space and you’ll be happy with their performance.

Hello, I’m Julianne Sixel, owner and design consultant with Gotcha Covered of West Portland. I love working with homeowners and businesses to choose window treatments that suit their needs, and enhance their space with just the right textures, colors and patterns to let their own personal style shine through.
As I was growing up, my mom's creative talent and my dad's ability to bring her vision to life gave me the opportunity to be an active part in that amazing creative process. I'm so excited to bring my lifelong experience to my own business. I can't wait to meet you, seek creative solutions, and provide excellent customer service to make your vision a reality.
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