How to Discover the Joy of Working From Home

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I started working in an office setting when I was only 22. 

That was all I knew until I went through a divorce and had to make a decision about employment.  Do I go back to the job I had before I became a full-time stay-at-home-mom?  My two boys were pretty young at the time – the oldest was only in 1st Grade and my youngest wasn’t even in Preschool yet.  I wanted to be home when they were home, so I started my own business as an Interior Designer. 

I quickly learned the problem with working from home is that I was HOME. 

I wasn’t commuting to an office surrounded by other people working.  I didn’t even need to change out of my pajamas, if I didn’t want to.  My “office” was on the couch with my laptop.  As glamorous as that may sound, it was not comfortable and I was definitely NOT productive. 

There was no separation between work and chores. 

Laundry needed washed, dishes needed cleaned, and the cats needed demanded attention.  I found myself not working when I should, and working when I shouldn’t.  When the kids got home from school, I would ask about their day, but being on the couch with my laptop wasn’t really present.  Many nights I would find myself answering emails and creating floor plans at 10:00 while binge-watching Netflix. 

I didn’t feel like I was really accomplishing anything and I was getting burned out. 

I decided enough was enough and I created a workspace for myself in the basement.  The space was actually there the whole time, but I didn’t like the idea of working in a basement.  It felt like a dungeon, and I’m my own boss, dammit! 

The first order of business was to paint the walls a bright, happy color (which also happens to be the same color in my logo). 

I changed the overhead lighting from the cold, depressing fluorescent bars to a soft and warm pendant shade light.  Instead of squinting at my laptop, I installed a large external monitor.  I splurged and purchased a quality office chair.  All the tools I need to do my job are now within reach.  No more walking up and down the stairs (although it was good exercise) to grab something off the printer.  I added other visual touches such as a large whiteboard calendar to easily track the deadlines for all my clients.  And a photo of my boys and my vision board to remind me of my “WHY.” 

I framed my logo to hang as I’m descending into the basement.  It’s a mental switch that tells me I’m at work now.  And when my kids arrive home from school, I’m also home and more importantly, present.  Not only do I maintain reasonable business hours, I’m actually more efficient and productive. 

And I LOVE working from home!

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  • Three-Sixty Interiors

    Thanks Ashlie! You could put your framed logo on your door, with an Open/Closed sign you can flip.

  • Ashlie

    I can totally relate to all of this. Thank you for sharing your tips for making working from home more productive. I like the idea of having your logo right where you enter the space to signify that you are beginning work now. Smart.

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